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Bee Removal

Clear Lake Bee Removal of Clear Lake, Galveston, Texas is your friendly local bee removal and beekeeping expert. Our team has got it covered from emergency call outs to deal with threatening sounding swarms of bees to doing the detective work to find a hidden bee hive in your home. We find them, we catch them, we remove the entire hive and all chemical traces to ensure they don’t return and we re home them somewhere safe (and far away). That involves a bunch of skills and experience to ensure that neither the bees, nor the people, nor the property gets damaged and we pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver on every level.

We’re what’s called a humane bee removal service which means that we don’t exterminate the bees, we don’t spray everything in sight with poison as an excuse for lacking the skill to remove them with care, we don’t leave toxins in your home. Instead we care for the bees and your home equally, not least because we know that the life of the bees is directly linked to the quality of your life, the food you eat, and the livelihood of an entire agricultural sector here in Texas. It’s precisely because we know how the dots are joined that we are the best team to call when you have a bee problem; any bee problem. Because you’ll find us every bit as understanding of you as we are of the bees and their ecosystem. We are friendly, we are professional, and we get the job done. So call us.

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