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Clear Lake Bee Removal is the humane bee removal service you’re looking for near you. If you’re looking at a swarm of bees where you really don’t want to have a swarm of bees then stand back, call us, and let us do what we do best. If you’ve found a hive in your garage or your roof and don’t know what to do then call us and we will take care of the hive, the bees, and any repairs.  If you’re not even sure if you have a hive but think there are a lot of bees around then call us and we will track it down for your or find whatever is making bees come back to you. If you even want to do something yourself but aren’t sure about how to go about it then call us and even if you don’t want us to come help you in person we will give you the best advice about what to do next. In short if you’re thinking bees then call us and we can help. Even if you don’t hear buzzing or see bees around the place but are worried because you have a new home, a new baby, or a known bee allergy in the family then call us and we can come and advise you on the best way to bee proof your house to ensure you can sleep untroubled by bee worries. So give us a buzz and we’ll talk bees.

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