We remove bees but more than that we remove bees humanely

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bee removal

At Clear Lake Bee Removal we remove bees but more than that we remove bees humanely because we respect the essential role they play in our food production and the local farming industry. We also respect the property of our neighbors in the Galveston area, and that means we take great care to remove bees without damage where possible and to repair damage when structures are affected. We are your emergency service when a bee swarm appears somewhere you can’t just leave it be, and we will promptly deal with them by gathering them up and taking them somewhere safe for them and for people. 

We come and gather up hives taking care to remove not only the bees, and the hive, but also any trace of bee pheromones that might attract bees back in the future. We can bee proof houses where owners are worried about future bee infestations (particularly important if you or a family member is known to have a bee allergy). We will also repair damage to structures caused by the bees or by ourselves in the process of completely removing the bees so don’t worry about your property.  Finally we are there to give advice even if you decide to go it alone with bee removal on your own (though to be honest there are only a few circumstances where that’s really a good idea). These are just some of our services but whatever it is, if it’s to do with bees then call us.

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