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Bee hives aren’t just a hairstyle.

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Bee hives aren’t just a hairstyle.  Bee hives form when bees find a spot that seems to answer their requirements for a safe and stable home in which to create a hive and bring up their young. Lots of places fit the bill but the chances are that if you’re reading this it’s because some bees have found a spot for a hive that really doesn’t sit well with your intended lifestyle. OK, not a problem, with our services at Clear Lake Bee Removal, we can remove the bees and their hive but there is a slight technicality; if a bee hive isn’t entirely removed, right down to the tiniest vestige and the faintest hint of a scent then it will continue to send out signals to any other bees that this is a great spot to build a hive.

Put another way you either remove a bee hive properly, or you accept that you’ve just kicked off a process of continual hive removal as one is built to replace the last one you removed.  You don’t want that cycle to continue so to be sure that it doesn’t you need to get the experts on the job. And that means us.

Emergency Hive Removal

How the hive is removed depends slightly on where it happens to be. If it is in a public area and seen to pose a risk to passers by then it may need to be extracted whole in one go so as to remove the risk as fast as possible. We prefer not to do that as it causes a lot of disturbance to the bees and the art of bee removal is to try and disturb them as little as possible.


The fastest way of removing a bee hive is what’s called a cut-out where the beekeeper cuts into the structure of the hive and removes the bees in one go. That’s the riskiest approach because it will disturb bees and requires a lot of skill to do it correctly.  However if the hive is in a non critical safe area like an abandoned building or a barn or shed that don’t see human passers by then it may be the best way.  We like to examine the hive itself and its surroundings before making that call.

Staged Removal

Slower, but safer, and certainly the best option from the point of view of the bees is to extract the bees from the hive before removing the structure of the hive itself. That’s usually done with a bee capture device that allows the insects to leave the hive but not to re enter. Basically it’s a bee trap. Once all the bees are out of the hive we can move in to remove the structure.

Honey Extraction

This is our favorite part of the process when time and circumstances allow. Once the bees are out of the hive you want to remove there will be honey left behind.  You can break into a hive like a bear but if the aim is to preserve bees the best equipped person to extract bee honey is another bee. So we place an established hive next to the empty one and let the bees remove all the honey for themselves.

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