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There are steps we can take to try to keep your property bee free!

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DIY Bee Removal

Bees can theoretically decide to make themselves at home anywhere but there are certain spots that attract them more than most. The presence of food nearby is an obvious one which means that if you’re anywhere near growing fruit trees or you particularly love your garden flowers then you have the slight problem that so do the bees. There was a study done in California into areas that had more bee call outs for unwanted bees than others and they came to the conclusion that bees like temperate micro climates and towns near rural areas.  Of which we have plenty in Galveston County. With Clear Lake Bee Removal, the good news is that we have services and there are steps we can take to try to keep your property bee free.

Clean Up

The first thing to know is that old hives or even fragments of old hives will attract the attention of bees from a very long way away due to the presence of bee pheromones in the hive structure. That means that any trace of a previous bee habitat will draw new scout bees and the following swarms to your home. If you have repeated instances of bee swarms appearing in your yard then it’s very likely that you’re home hasn’t been properly cleared of traces of previous bee hives.  We’re experts in cleaning homes for bee pheromones because our beekeepers have an eye for where bees were likely to have nested before and those little traces of bees that will attract new ones.

Bee Proofing

To truly bee proof a house you’d have to remove any space that connects to the outside that is large enough for a bee to use to enter. If you’ve ever considered how small a bee head is you’ll realize that this is not realistic. However there are certain parts of the house, especially in the attic, under the eaves, or in the garage which will be particularly attractive to bees and we can make sure these are properly sealed off so that bees are far less likely to get in and try and make their home in yours.

Chemical Free Prevention

It’s important to note that we don’t recommend bee proofing by using chemicals. There are plenty of companies that will sell you sprays and liquids that are promised to kill or repel bees and other insects but there are very good reasons to think twice.  The first thing is that while killing insects sounds like a great way to make your home happier it’s important to remember that we really, really need the bees.  Without bees you can kiss goodbye to most of your favorite fruits, nuts and a host of other plant products. Oh yes, and the agriculture business and farmers’ livings that go with them. The second is that those are poisons you are introducing to your own home so you are creating a toxic environment in the space you and your family live in.

Natural Preventative

Here’s the good news. There are lots of things that will help put bees off and they don’t have to be toxic, expensive, or smelly. We’ll be happy to show you non-toxic repellents based on things like essential oils that will even smell nice and fresh, poison nothing, but put bees off.

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