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We understand the importance of preserving the bees themselves.

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Bee Swarm Removal

If you’re reading this it’s because you’ve got bees someplace where you didn’t want bees. Your home, your garden, your school, a public place, a private place, it doesn’t matter; there are bees, lots of them, and you’d like them gone.  Well don’t panic, and definitely don’t get stung (physically or financially) because help is at hand. Bees can always be removed safely and by that we mean safely for both you and the bees but there is no doubt that it is a bit of an art if it is to be done painlessly. At Clear Lake Bee Removal, we are the people you need for that painless bee removal. We understand the concern, especially if there are vulnerable people or children at risk, and we also understand the importance of preserving the bees themselves. So when you want the bees to buzz off it’s time to call us. We’ll take it from there.

Humane Bee Removal

Bees are beautiful. Bees give us honey and pollinate the plants we count on for a million crops we just can’t imagine life without. But there’s a huge difference between cheerfully appreciating the role of bees as we spread honey on bread and remembering how important they are when the noise is deafening and they are landing on people you care for. We never forget the importance of bees, neither for the environment, nor commercially, and we never forget that a bee swarm doesn’t just represent insect lives that matter but in all probability the commercial success or failure of a number of local agricultural businesses and retailers that depend on them. So when we say we do human bee removal we do it for the bees, of course, but we do it for the humans too.

Chemical-free and Eco-friendly

You don’t have to be an Eco warrior to appreciate the fact that our bee removal is chemical-free and eco-friendly. You just have to have lungs. Or a family that has lungs. Because while we are definitely watching out for the bees when we choose not to use chemicals to subdue or sedate them we are also taking care of the immediate environment and that means your home or property.

Bee Friendly

When we come to remove bees it is not to exterminate them. Ever. There are a number of ways we can dispose of the bees but they all involve ensuring that the bees themselves go on to have healthy and productive lives working for someone. We are not in the bee killing business, only the business of redistributing bees to a place where they will be appreciated.

Prompt and Professional

We offer our services and we understand that a service needs to be prompt and professional which is why you can count on us when you call for help. Call our number and you’ll be talking to a friendly bee wrangler who understands the need for speed in cases like these. We’ll be on our way to round up those bees as soon as we physically can.

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