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Removing bees from open spaces like tree branches is easy. The real problems begin when the bees have made their hive inside a structure (which usually means part of your home).  Then we have to locate the hive and usually open up the structure to get access to it. Once we’ve removed the bees themselves the threat isn’t entirely over.  Sure the insects and their venom are gone from your building and with that the most obvious threat to you you, your family, or your visitors, but there are other potential problems left behind when the bees are long gone.  The first is the damage caused by the construction of the hive. The second is the damage sometimes caused by the removal of the hive.  Don’t worry. When you call Clear Lake Bee Removal we don’t just safely remove the bees, with our services we make sure we leave a safe home behind when we go.

Hive Removal and Repair

The first thing we do is remove the hive itself and that means removing not just the hive structure but every trace it was ever there as even the slightest lingering hint of bee pheromones will be enough to attract more bees in the future. That means that we have to remove the hive and also clean and frequently patch and paint the area where it was.  All part of the job.

Dry Walling

Bees don’t just build hives in nice open places. They like a bit of seclusion and a protected space and unfortunately that often means that their hives are found in hard to get at spots around a house.  That makes it hard to get to the hive and be sure that it has been completely removed. Unfortunately that also often means that we have to open up spaces to get into the place where they nest. One of the favorite spots for bees to nest in is cavity dry walling because  it provides a perfect space in between two solid surfaces that offer excellent support for the hive itself while keeping it hidden from sight and well protected. Good for the bees, not so good for you. To get the hive out we have to open up those dry wall cavities and often remove part of the chipboard or wood used to build them. We’ve got long practice at repairing that for you so don’t hesitate to call us in for full hive removal out of fear of what it means for your wall.

Roof Beams

Bees love attics, roof crawl spaces, and the roof beams of garages and out houses of all kinds. Unfortunately the place they most like to use as the support for their hives are the beams itself and we need to check those beams to ensure they haven’t been damaged in the process of either building the nest or our removing it.

Carpenter Bees

Despite their name Carpenter bees don’t actually make anything. In fact precisely the opposite. Carpenter bees bore small round holes into wood. Carpenter bees aren’t the same as honey bees but we can still check for their presence, their nests, and their damage for you.

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